The Almost Empty Nester: I Find It Funny...

Friday, September 26, 2014

I Find It Funny...

I find it funny that people think the teen years are the worst. I personally feel they're the best. Not that I didn't enjoy when my kids were little. I really did. But in these teen years with my kids, I laugh way more than what should be legal for anyone.

The above picture is a text from Girly earlier today. I cracked up.

As much as I will chat here about the challenges or tough stuff I face as an almost empty nester, the one thing that is solid is how much I like me kids. Love them, of course. But I really like them. Since they were born they've been my favorite people to hang out with and that fondness grows every year.

We don't mind some sarcasm in our house either. Thing 2 is quiet and laid back. He doesn't talk a ton but when he does, he is quick witted and most of the time says something that has me drop to the floor I'm laughing so hard. We are always respectful in our humor, but my gosh, can you even imagine a world without humor? I can't. I've known a few humorless people in my time and they haven't stayed in my life for long.

Because here's the thing. Life isn't easy. The teen years are brutal. Not for me. For them. Emotions are up and down and all over. Hormones are crazy. Drama at school runs rampant and they're trying to avoid it.

Many people assume kids don't need us as much in the teen years and in some ways, they don't. They are self sufficient in many ways, but they still need me. They need the consistency they've had in their life so far not to change. Some days they want to talk after school, some days they don't. But I'm there if they need me.

And they need to laugh. To let go. To have home be a safe haven to just be. And making that happen is one of my favorite parts of being a mom.

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