The Almost Empty Nester: It Takes A Village

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It Takes A Village

I truly believe that half days of school were invented by the devil. I do. There are times when it's nice. If all three kids have no after school activities and can truly come home at noon, then yes, I like them. But that happens just this side of never, so I'm going with, half days of school will be in hell. 

This week, we have three of them. Today I have to drive to school four times. This is no small feat since school is a 25 minutes drive - one way. Thing 2 is done at noon, Thing 1 is done at 3 (after basketball) and Girly has a game tonight so she's just on her own. But it's a logistical nightmare for a mom, even with one kid now able to drive herself. 

I realize I'm moaning about first world problems. I do. I'm grateful for a working car for said drives to school and back and for healthy kids who are active and have fun things to do after school. However, it's crazy. Ask any mom these days. We are a busy society. Even with trying to keep things somewhat "normal" (our kids have to choose one thing per season - no multiple sports nonsense) it gets a tad crazy. Add half days into the mix and it's downright insanity. 

So today's post is a toast to the ones in my life who help me navigate this - not just this week - but always. They're the moms who will spend an hour on the phone at night with me mapping out who can pick up what kids when and coordinate a carpool that makes running the Pentagon look like child's play. They are the ones who will give my child money for food when I can't get to a game in time or will make sure they have water or whatever they need. They step up for me when I am outnumbered. And I love doing the same for them as well. 

Why? Because it takes a village. Even with teenagers. And I absolutely love my village people. ;-) 

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