The Almost Empty Nester: 'Tis The Beauty

Saturday, January 24, 2015

'Tis The Beauty

I had an idea this trip with Girly to look at colleges would be emotional, I just didn't realize how emotional. 

We looked at one school in Seattle and didn't get a good vibe. Not a bad one either, Girly just didn't click with it. Yesterday we drove 5 hours to Spokane and did a tour of a school there. She loved it. 

Before the tour we stopped for lunch. I could tell she was nervous. I was too. We got to the school and were greeted at the admissions building and met the other students she'd do the tour with. It was just kids so I decided to stay behind and wait. As I watched her walk off I swallowed tears. I flashed back to being a high school senior and going to college orientation. I was terrified! And I'm super extroverted. I could only imagine how tough it was for my I introverted girl to face the day. 

It was an emotional roller coaster ride lasting all the way through the school tour and into the evening. By the time we checked I your hotel, I was done. Done. Exhausted. 

We talked and she excitedly shared all she loved about the school. She admitted being scared at first but then relaxing once the tour started. I watched her light up and saw a glimpse of the bright eyed little girl who used to skip beside me mixed with the precious woman child she is now. And my heart tugged
between knowing all the adventure that lies ahead for her and having to let her go to do it. 

I admitted to her that I too tried not to cry all afternoon myself. We drove into campus and I had that moment of "I can't just drop my girl here and leave! This is a big city. No way!" The thought turned my stomach. 

But it's in those moments when God's love really shines. He swooped in and held me. He reminded me that by the time she goes to school she'll be ready. And never alone - He holds her too. 

'Tis the beauty of serving God who loves us so. I don't release her to fly without His support. He holds her when I cannot. He will hold me when I will miss her terribly. He guides her flight. I cling to this with all my might. I cling to Him. 

My children come from a line of adventurers. It's in our gene pool. And I am excited for her - I really am. I'm just grateful she will never journey alone. 


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  2. Every time my Darling Boy says, "Only ____ months until I leave for college!" I want to take him in my arms and sob. I resist and share the joy of his anticipation. This season of preparing them to leave the nest is not for the faint of heart!