The Almost Empty Nester: Legacies

Thursday, March 26, 2015


We visited the University of Virginia today. My dad played basketball there in the 1960's. He died when I was seven in a hot air balloon accident. So it was a special and important day for me. To have the boys see where their grandfather went to school. To see a piece of their family history.  It was fun to walk the campus and take pics with the boys. I got teary thinking of how much my dad would've enjoyed his grandchildren.

Thing 1 had a moment where he hugged me and started crying. He told me he was sad he couldn't meet Grandpa Jack. Didn't get a chance to know him. We cried and held each other for a few minutes. I reminded him that he will meet his grandfather one day because of Jesus and the hope we have in Him. He will get to know his Grandpa Jack.

I love the legacy my dad left behind. He had a fierce love for Jesus. That love fueled everything he did. So much so that 35 years after his death, his grandson wants to be like him without ever having met him.

I wish my sweet babies could understand just how much of their grandfather's spirit flows through them. They are like him in many ways.

And it is my prayer that that legacy lives on. That my grandchildren and beyond will have the hope that only comes from knowing Jesus. 


  1. Lara, I am deeply sorry that your dad could not be there today and for so many years of your life. I can't imagine the pain of that loss. I think one day your dad will hug you ferociously and exclaim how absolutely proud he is of you and your family.
    -Stacy (Allison) S.