The Almost Empty Nester: Pomp And Circumstance

Friday, May 29, 2015

Pomp And Circumstance

Thing 1 and Thing 2 had their 8th grade graduation ceremony last night. I thought I would be a teary mess, but I wasn't. Maybe a little, but a swipe of the eyes here and there. No full-on sobbing. I imagine maybe I'm saving up for Girly's high school graduation this time next year.

Yesterday was busy. I finished the third book in my current romance novel series and then ran around getting the boys what they needed for graduation. (We are a laid back, California family. My children don't own dress clothes.)

The only time I really teared up was when I ironed their clothes and graduation gowns.

But as I sat there in my room, looking at their big boy/man clothes wondering when exactly I became the shortest one in the family with three quasi-grown children, I realized my tears were not from sadness but from a heart that is full.

A heart full of memories of them as babies crawling through my kitchen cabinets and giggling at what they would find. Taking them to the train museum to climb on huge trains and play with Thomas tracks. Lazy days at home watching movies and solving life's problems. My tears are tears of gratitude. For being able to be home with them. Soaking up every smile, giggle, tear, and question about life. As much of a forward thinker as I am, I have lived in every moment with my kids.
I have no regrets as a mom. Not one.

I am beyond proud of these three who are now all in high school. And I am excited for them. They are headed into years full of fun, friendships, challenges and life decisions.

Yes, my nest is almost empty. But not yet. I still have lots of moments to soak in and memories to make.

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