The Almost Empty Nester: Watching Them Fly

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Watching Them Fly

We just spent a week in Tahoe with my side of the family for a reunion/birthday celebration. My sister, her hubby, their four boys, my mom and stepdad were all there. And my crew. It was awesome.

My four nephews range in age from 14-21. My kids are 17 and (almost) 15 and 15. It was the first time we were all together with the kids as teens/adults. I was in heaven.

We went paddle boarding, hiking, mountain biking, and played cards. We also laughed until our faces hurt.

A friend told me recently that although it's scary to have your kids leave the nest, it's super cool to watch them fly. Granted, Girly hasn't left the nest yet, but watching my nephews do so is pretty cool. And as I watched the seven kids hang out together, doing stuff on their own without us grown ups, I got a glimpse of what's to come and it is truly pretty cool. 

Will I worry about my kids still? Sure. It's my God given right as a mom to do so. But as they test their wings, I will continue to pray God's strength will hold them steady. It's my job to raise them to not need me. It's also my job to train them to cling to God. To need Him. And then I get to sit back and watch them soar. 

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