The Almost Empty Nester: Car Rides and Conversation

Friday, September 25, 2015

Car Rides and Conversation

I'm in my car. A lot. It's sort of comes with the Mom gig. I asked my mom a few years ago her advice when my kids started school. She said, "Get a car you like, because you're gonna live in it." Truth and wisdom at its finest. Fortunately, I love my car, and I like my kids a lot too. 

I drive less now that Girly drives, yes, but I have noticed recently that I get to ride with one kid quite often. Because they all go different directions at different times, I tend just taxi one at a time. And in the car is where our best conversations happen. It's awesome. It can be as benign as why they chose to wear certain shoes that day or as big as friendships changing and struggles in school. But trap a kid in a car with you and I promise they'll talk. 

I am trying to embrace these moments. In a few short years, I won't be driving anyone. And I will miss it. I really will. For now? I'll take the countless hours in the car because the conversation is priceless. 

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