The Almost Empty Nester: Ebb and Flow

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ebb and Flow

We were intentional this Christmas to be just us. And it was awesome. We love our extended families, but with this being Girly's last Christmas before going to college, we wanted concentrated time together. 

We spent time in Tahoe playing in the snow, challenging each other to board games by the fire, and watching movies at night. 

I realized something throughout the two weeks the kids had off school. I tend to live from event to event. But life ebbs and flows. It's not one big event to the next. It's all the little things in between. Laughing. Talking. Being together. 

I keep saying this is Girly's last holiday with us. But it's not. She's not moving to Mars. She's going to college. She will come home for Christmas. At least for a few years anyway. Will things change? Yes. Is she gone for good? No. Life will continue to ebb and flow. I want to celebrate the events, yes, but the truly good stuff is everything in between. 

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