The Almost Empty Nester: Balancing Now and Later

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Balancing Now and Later

Girl Child informed me recently she only has fifty days until graduation. That sounds like a big number, but it's not. It's headed for us at breakneck speed and will hit with blunt force trauma before we know it. 

I'm ready, and I'm not.

We are in the midst of balancing what is happening now and what will happen later. 

We are sitting down and filling out forms for college, sending in dorm preferences, and getting things set for her to go to school. We are also paying for her cap and gown, addressing graduation announcements, and planning graduation weekend. It's a weird mix of present and future.

I know she feels it too. She is excited about what is ahead, but sad to leave behind what is. She's nervous about making new friends, starting from square one, while embracing relationships she has spent years to build. And it's not that those friendships will go away, but things will change. That's inevitable.

And we all know how I feel about change.

The planner in me wants to focus on what's ahead. The girl in me keeps saying, "She only gets this time of life once. Help her embrace it." I remember clearly my high school graduation and all that led up to it. It was an awesome time. So fun. Bittersweet, yes. But also so exciting. I want her to have that. Soak in all of it. And she will. 

We just need to balance now with later. 

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