The Almost Empty Nester: A house full of adults

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A house full of adults

I don't have kids anymore. I have a house full of adults. I am having to shift my mindset.

Young adults, yes. But adults just the same. All three of my children are taller than me now. I'm the shortest one in the family. Girl Child is six feet tall, the boys are now close to six foot one (and still growing). Yes, my husband is tall. Yes, we grown them big in this family.

The Hubby and I just got home from a long ten days of travel. We were at a conference for him over the weekend, home one day, then at a conference for me for the week. It's awesome we are able to do these things together now because the kids are old enough and can handle us being gone. One of us used to have to stay home. But I still get nervous before I leave. I hate leaving them. Not because I don't trust they can handle it, but because I'm me and the mom thing doesn't just leave you instantaneously when needed. My man cubs and grown girl child hug me and reassure me as if I'm the child and they're the parent. Sometimes I feel that's true.

I used to come home from a trip and have to spend a full day cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, getting life back in order. My family is amazing and has always done well when I travel, but still... It's a lot. This time, however, we came back to life flowing and functioning fine. I wouldn't say it was as if we'd never left, but in some ways it had that vibe. We were able to come home and jump right back into life.

This is a good thing. A very good thing. I believe my job as a mom is to raise my children to not need me. To be self-sufficient, independent adults. But to see them actually becoming that is...well, weird. I walk into the kitchen to find Thing 1 has made his own dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and is headed to his room to finish homework and get his world in order for the following day. Awesome, yes. New and requiring some adjustment by me? Also yes. And I'm adjusting. I am. It takes time and there are still things they need me for, absolutely, but overall...

I now have a house full of adults.

And here's the cool thing. They are super fun adults to have around. We laugh more than should be legal. We move and function as a team with each member contributing in a way that makes the family run like a well oiled machine.

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