The Almost Empty Nester: She Did It

Friday, June 3, 2016

She Did It

Well, she did it.

The Girl Child graduated from high school.

And I'll be honest, I didn't cry as much as I thought I would. Don't get me wrong, I cried, but not the sobbing, uncontrollable mess I imagined I would be. I had moments where I got teary thinking of her not going to school with her brothers anymore, of all the things she was saying goodbye to. And I got teary as I thought of all she's headed into - all the changes and new things. It's so excited. But it's scary too.

I've had great conversations with her over the past few weeks about all of it. The emotions. The changes. She's ready. But truly, this is one of the scariest times in life. It really is. Everything changes. Everything.

I did nothing these past few weeks but focus on her. On my family. Not that I don't put them first anyway, but I didn't think about what pictures I would post on social media or that I have a book deadline looming. I was intentional about soaking it all in. The moments. The memories.

When I wanted to cry, I cried. I sat and went through old photo albums, laughing at the shenanigans we've enjoyed over the years as well as the tough stuff we got through together. My Mama heart was reminded of moments that I will forever hold close, much like the ones that were created throughout graduation week.

As much as we want time to stand still sometimes, it just doesn't. It refuses. So I look forward with my precious Girl Child to what's ahead. New adventures, new friendships, so many wonderful things.

She and I were talking last night about how this is truly one of the most crazy frightening times in life. You feel like you're standing on the edge of so many unknowns. You are aware that you can jump and fly, but the initial take off can be paralyzing. We talked of how cool it is though that with God, we know He's got us. He's got her.

With Him, she'll not only fly, she'll soar.

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