The Almost Empty Nester: Can Time Be Slowed Down?

Friday, July 29, 2016

Can Time Be Slowed Down?

I've never been one of those moms that wants to turn back time. Go back to when my kids were small or having babies or toddlers around again. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved those years with my kids. Loved. But I did them. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. I've been soaking up the teen years and loving those as well.

But right now, I wouldn't mind slowing time down. Girl Child leaves for college in just over a month and I'm beginning to feel the minutes ticking as if they're over my shoulder, breathing down my neck. I'm not enjoying it. I'm trying to soak in the time, the moments. Hold them all close to the vest. But the inevitable is out there. Looming....

Girl Child has had what we thought was a cyst on her wrist since she was five. Long story short, she decided she finally wanted it removed before she went to school. We saw her orthopedic surgeon last week and was able to get in for surgery quickly. The curve ball thrown at us is that the cyst is really a benign tumor. A tad scary, yes. But we are ok.

While we were waiting at the doctor's office for her post-op appointment, she leaned on my shoulder and said, "I don't want to leave you." It hit me then that as much as life will change for me soon, it's going to completely change for her. Yes, I will come back to our home and our world without her in it on a daily basis, but she will be living somewhere she's never lived, with people she's never lived with before (or met), and experiencing life in a way she never has before. My sadness over her leaving doesn't even begin to match the scariness of things for her.

Is she capable? Absolutely. Is she ready? Yes. Does that make it any easier? A little. But still...

I honestly don't want to stop time. I don't. I'm excited for her. I'm curious about all that is ahead. But I wouldn't mind slowing it down a bit right now. That would be nice.

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