The Almost Empty Nester: Counting Heads

Friday, July 15, 2016

Counting Heads

We had a family reunion last week for my husband's side of the family. Because of crazy schedules, my husband, the kids and I all arrived at different times on different days.

The Hubby left with Thing 1 on Friday. That night, as I got ready to go to dinner with The Girl Child and Thing 2, I almost called up the stairs to Thing 1, thinking he was in the rec room hanging out. I had to remind myself he was gone. 

Thing 2 and I drove up the next day to the cabin where we stayed and that night, about 10 of us were outside grilling and having dinner. I looked around, saw Thing 1 and 2 and just about went inside to get The Girl Child but had to remind myself she wouldn't join us for another day. 

I'm a mom. I count heads. I've done it for 18 years. It's what I know. 

As I sat there, the realization that Girl Child wasn't with us yet settling in to my mind, my heart recognized that in a mere 6-7 weeks, this would be our new normal. I will keep counting heads and we'll be down one. 

But I think my heart is beginning to adjust-a little. I'm sad, but just a wee bit less than last week. The Girl Child has now "met" her roommate via text, etc. and they've totally hit it off. It's making my sweet girl all the more excited for her next adventure. Seeing her more and more ready to fly helps me embrace a little more each day the reality that she will. 

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