The Almost Empty Nester: Countdowns And Embracing Moments

Friday, August 26, 2016

Countdowns And Embracing Moments

I played hooky from life yesterday. I skipped everything and spent the day shopping with the Girl Child. She needs fall clothes and I'm up for any reason or excuse to hang out with her right now.

Because the countdown has begun. 

We take her to college in six days. That's it. Six days. I feel like it was just yesterday The Hubby and I would talk about one year left with her at home or even six months. But six days

I sobbed over my breakfast. Sobbed. 

I seem to be doing that a lot lately. And not just over breakfast. I walked through her room the other night to open her window, air out the house. I stopped and looked around. Her twinkle lights were on above her bed, her stack of college stuff collecting under the window. "She won't be here soon..." whispered in my head. 

I sobbed. 

I texted a heart friend yesterday as I struggled with guilt over ignoring life and work for a day to go shopping, along with the heartache of the countdown. This precious friend just waved goodbye a week ago at the airport to her son who left for Germany for two years to serve in The United States Army. I asked her how she did it. How did she get through? 

She said, "Don't count down the days, embrace the moments."

She then told me to shop guilt free and enjoy my day. Soak it in. 

Best advice ever. 

Girl Child and I strolled the mall, found clothes for her as well as dorm stuff. My six foot tall baby girl even held my hand. My mama heart was so full. 

I'm not great at living in the moment. To be honest, I suck at it. I'm a forward thinker. A planner. I come by it honestly. But I don't want to think about six days from now so much that I miss today. Right now. Every. Little. Moment. Because all those little moments fill up my mama heart to be big moments. Ones I can cling to and think about when I miss her. 

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