The Almost Empty Nester: So far, So good...

Friday, September 23, 2016

So far, So good...

Well, we are now almost a full three weeks into The Girl Child living on her own at college.

So far, so good...

Not to say it's been smooth sailing the entire time. I got a call last week from her saying her car wouldn't start. However, she'd already called AAA, had a dealership nearby she'd found and was basically calling to ask how she should pay for it, depending on the repairs needed, and that she would keep me posted.

Parenting kudo of the week. We don't get many of those in this parenting gig, so we take them when they come along.

Later she said that one of her friends told her she was "good at Adulting." I told her I appreciated the compliment.

Was a part of me bummed that she didn't need to call me to ask what needed to be done to get her car fixed? Nope. Well, maybe a teeny-tiny percentage of me had that thought. But it was brief. The more prominent emotion was pride.

I'm so stinking proud of this kid. 

Her roommate also had an allergic reaction to something that ended up with her in the hospital, but Girl Child handled that like a champ as well. She got her roommate help right away, kept us posted as things went along, and I'm happy to say her roommate is completely fine and all is back to "normal."

She has since expressed some stress. Her most recent post on social media was:

...which honestly, cracked me up. The Girl Child has a fantastic sense of humor and this is ALL HER.  She is settling in to college life, adjusting to the change, and quite frankly, doing pretty great.

Me? I still cry now and then. I have waves of missing her, especially if I go to her room for something. But honestly, in this day and age, we communicate pretty much every day. We are doing a family Fantasy Football League so we are now sending competitive texts and having fun phone calls on speaker all five of us. They are new memories I will cherish in my Mama Heart, but they are precious memories all the same.

I'm aware of the fact that we have literally just started this journey, but I'm grateful to say, So far, So good.....

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