The Almost Empty Nester: Heaven Is Home

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Heaven Is Home

Yesterday morning was typical. I chatted with the kids over coffee then waved goodbye as they drove off to school, praying as always for their safety. I came back inside, curled up with the dog and read a book.

An hour later Girly called me saying her best friend had been in a car accident. She was driving herself and her twin sister to school and their car hit a tree. Girly was a little rattled and didn't have a lot of information but wanted me to know. I hung up with her and prayed. I prayed for the girls and for their mom. I prayed for my own children and I tried not to panic. Over the next hour, Girly texted me that her friends were okay. Battered and bruised, but okay.

Every once in a while an event like that hammers something home for me.

This world is not my home. Heaven is home.

But I forget that. I get comfortable here. And that's not a bad thing, really. I don't believe we are to live life just waiting for bad things to happen. I used to be that way but over time I've learned to shift my thinking. Embrace what is, not what might be.

But what is can be tough sometimes. I don't want to think about the dangers my kids face when they aren't with me. Every morning I watch three pieces of my heart that walk around outside of my body drive off in a machine that can be horrifically dangerous. Girly is an excellent driver, but I can't say the same for everyone else behind the wheel. This world is a scary place sometimes.

But this world is not my home. Heaven is home.

When I bring my focus back to that, peace replaces fear. I don't want to think about the day that I may have to say goodbye to my children or they say goodbye to me. But I'm grateful for the hope I have that I will see them again. This isn't it. This isn't all there is. By the grace of God, I get eternity with them.

I'm so incredibly grateful to God that Girly's friends are okay. And I'm grateful for the reminder that life is precious. But my God holds me and my family in His hands. We are precious to Him. And I trust that. I trust Him. Is that always easy? No. But it's always worth it.

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