The Almost Empty Nester: Little Moments

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Little Moments

Yesterday was my birthday.

I love birthdays. I always have. And not because of the attention or presents, although let's be honest, those are nice. I simply love a party. A reason to celebrate. I grew up in a home where my parents were like, "Hey! It's Tuesday - let's have a party." Friendships, family and life were always celebrated.

We went away for the weekend just the five of us. That's what I asked for. What I wanted. Because as an almost empty nester I'm painfully aware of what little time left I have with my kids at home. And with the way their schedules are with school, sports and student council, etc. we are rarely together the five of us anymore.

The weekend was perfect. We had dinner at Hard Rock when we got into town and laughed - a lot. Then we had a random dance party in the grocery store while stocking up for the weekend. Moments and memories I will carry in my mom heart forever. Nothing planned, just time. Together. Being us. Little moments.

Yesterday, we lounged around the cabin in the morning then I went shopping with Hubby and Girly. (The boys stayed home and played video games. I don't believe in torturing my own children or stealing their man cards, even on my birthday.) I spent the afternoon in front of the fire reading a novel. In the evening we went out to dinner then played a board game and watched the TV show Chuck. (A family favorite.)

I've been struggling lately with how our society seems to think being busy all the time is best. I disagree. I believe in balance. And I've tried to teach my children that.

And we are a world of big events. I'm a person of little moments.

Big events are great. They are. But I carry in my memory the little moments so much more. My dad died when I was young. And as much as I loved the trips we took and events that happened when he was alive, I remember most the impromptu dancing we'd do after dinner or swimming in the pool on a Saturday and laughing a lot.

And now I carry in my heart the little moments with my kids. The inside jokes from the board games we play. The way my teenage son will hold my hand as we walk to dinner. Snuggling on the couch as we watch our favorite movies.

I loved my birthday. A big event? No. But a day chock full of little moments. Perfect. Someday my nest will be empty, but my heart will be full.

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