The Almost Empty Nester: Stormy Weather

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stormy Weather


I'm kind of a control freak. Shocking, I know, but true. And lately I seem to be calmest when the five of us are all at home under one roof. I can hug each person, see them, know they're safe. In my mind, everything is under control. 

We are getting one of the worst storms in our state's history today. Super high winds and lots of rainfall. We need it, truthfully. A lot. But it's still a little scary. There was talk of school being canceled today. I was thrilled with that idea. However, when I woke up to take the kids to school, there was no news of school closing. I selfishly asked each kid if they wanted to stay home anyway because hey, if they're home and I can see them and hug them, all is right with the world...right? It was not to be. Girly had three tests, Thing 1 had a final to take and Thing 2 just wanted to go in case the school lost power and he could experience the "coolness of that" with his friends.

The drive wasn't horrible. Rain hadn't started coming too hard yet. The wind was nasty though. And like many, many other times before, the conversation along the way was awesome. They asked me about growing up in Florida (I was born there and lived there until I was 10.) They wanted to know about the hurricanes I'd experienced where my parents boarded up our house, asked friends over and for two days we listened to the radio, played board games and basically partied while the storm passed. Or what it was like living in Colorado (Lived there through my teen years) and having snow days with no school. I told them they'd be super safe at school today. Their building is like Fort Knox. And I kissed them, hugged them and sent them on their way. 

As I drove home I thought about my earlier attitude of just wanting to hole up inside and forget the world. That's not bad now and then, but I wanted to do it to feel in control. It's a big, scary world out there. I'm not crazy about it most of the time. But the last thing I want is to instill a sense of fear in my kids. I want them to be smart about their safety, of course, but to fly with confidence and treat every day with a spirit of adventure. 

The power could very well go out today at school. But I know their teachers and administrators have their safety and best interest at heart. They're in good hands. I prayed and handed them to God who let's face it, is the One in control anyway. And hey, now my kids will have stories to tell their kids years from now on the drive to school. 

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