The Almost Empty Nester: Memories Made

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Memories Made

We did a week in Hawaii last week for winter break. Yes, it was amazing. We've been home for four days and I miss it like crazy. The pace there is so mellow. Relaxed. 
Hubby and I have been trying to be intentional with our trips lately, all of them falling under the sad truth of "we only have ____ much time left with Girly here with us." Hawaii was on the list so we went. 

And it filled us with precious memories we crave so much as parents. And although we took surf lessons and visited Pearl Harbor and did all the cool Hawaii stuff you do when you're there, the smaller moments I will remember most. Laughing together every night over dinner. No phones or outside distractions. Just the five of us. Throwing a ball to each other in the ocean as the sun set behind the palm trees. 

Discussions of life and futures and dreams and goals while squishing our toes in the sand and making sand turtles. 

I am my most relaxed, content and happy when the five of us are together. And I know that won't always be. It's a bittersweet truth of being a mom. 

I know Hubby and I will be fine. This is the deal as parents. You raise them to not need you. To fly on their own. Dream their own dreams. I'm just grateful for these moments that weave together to make the tapestry that is our family. Nothing can break that. 

As I said, we are home now. And as I laid in bed the other night trying to sleep as jet lag tugged at me, I recognized that I will miss the little things the most. Dinners as a family, Girly singing while she bakes in the kitchen, and hearing my three children laugh together and then say "I love you" as they say goodnight to each other. 

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