The Almost Empty Nester: Sick Days

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sick Days

Between the three kids, someone has been sick for the past seven days. And we are still not through it. Girly is pretty much over it and the boys are on the tail end but this flu bug is U-G-L-Y. 

Thankfully, I have stayed healthy. I pray that holds...

Last weekend I planned to go away to the cabin in the mountains for two days and nights to hole up and write. I do this from time to time and it really helps. I get lots done. 

The day I left was day two of Girly being sick. I debated whether I should cancel my plans or not but she said to go. She'd be fine. Hubby was on his way home from a business trip and would be with her. 

I left. Crying, but I left. I reminded myself she is 17 and not long from now she'll be at college, on her own and won't have me around to take care of her if she's sick. 

I stayed one night then came home. Thing 1 caught what Girly had and quite frankly, my kids needed me. On the drive from the cabin to home I had a lot of time to think. And I thought about how nice it is to have the freedoms I have now because my kids are older. But they're still here. She may not have me to nurture her a year or two from now when she's sick, but she has me now and I'm happy to be here. 

When I came home from the cabin I kicked into gear - doing laundry, washing sheets, basically crazy cleaning mom mode. My kids aren't sick often, thankfully, but when they are I nest like a fiend. And for the past few days I've gotten water, meds, cool towels for fevered foreheads and watched every episode of Friends ever made. And there's nowhere else I'd rather be or anything else is rather be doing. 

I will have years and years of writing weekends. Right now, I have my peeps here and I'm gonna soak up every last minute. Including sick days. 

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