The Almost Empty Nester: Small Is A Big Deal

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Small Is A Big Deal

I'm reading a book right now called Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman. I'm loving it. Soaking it up like a sponge. It's about seeing God in the small things.

We live in a world where bigger is considered better. Grandiose gestures, fighting for big causes, and making your and making your mark on the world is what gets noticed. And those things aren't all bad. But what about the small? 

We feel small when we stand beside the ocean or look up at the vast sky filled with stars. And yet, those are good things too.

As I've read through this book, I decided to sit outside each night and look at the stars. Remember how small I am, but more importantly, how big God is.

Each night, one, or all, of my kids has ended up joining me outside. I haven't asked, they've just come out to sit with me. We talk, or just stare at the sky. The other night Thing 1 curled up next to me on the chaise lounger. We were comparing feet and he stuck a ring on his toe like mine. He wears a size 13 shoe. It was hilarious.

Nothing tremendously big has happened in these evenings and yet everything has happened. They are little moments that are in truth, a big deal.

Why? Because they are special to this mama's heart. Am I changing the world in those moments? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it's just me chatting with my kids about life. Or maybe it's a building block moment to them becoming who God wants them to be in this world. Which is a big thing, in my opinion.

I forget that small is a big deal. Or that my big God is in the little things. Simple moments. I'm learning how to just be. Doing is fine, but I need to remember to be as well.

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