The Almost Empty Nester: He Makes All Things New

Friday, December 30, 2016

He Makes All Things New

For various reasons, I decided to take the month of December off. I wanted to embrace the Christmas season, focusing on the joy of shopping for my family and friends instead of getting caught up in thinking it has to be stressful or a chore. It's not. At least it shouldn't be, in my opinion. Gifts are my love language so I wanted to have fun with choosing things, wrapping them, and placing them under the tree, excited for when my loved ones would open them Christmas morning. The Girl Child was home for two weeks from college for the break and I wanted to soak in every moment with her home. I didn't want to miss any laughter, hugs, quiet mornings sipping coffee and thanking God for all He's given.

I'm reading a book called Rhythms Of Rest by Shelly Miller. It's teaching me to be intentional about taking a Sabbath each week. A true Sabbath filled with rest and all that brings me joy and closer to the heart of God. It's fascinating how it's changing me, as well as my daily life and schedule. I look forward to my Sabbath now, not just because I don't do dishes or laundry and actually rest, but because of the concentrated time with God. And it flows into my week. In the midst of the dailyness of life, He woos me to Him, to talk to Him while I drive the kids somewhere, as I write, as I go throughout my day.

And I'm seeing how He makes all things new. I feel us settling into our new normal with The Girl Child gone, as well as with some changes happening with Thing 1 and Thing 2. God is here. He is present. He is active. He is always creating, guiding, caring, and encouraging.

God has always been near, but I need more of a spiritual anchor in these Almost Empty Nest years. I need Him. I need and want to practice His presence more. With all the unknowns, with releasing my children more and more out into the world on their own, He reminds me they are not alone. They are never alone. He is present. As He is with me, He is with them as well, making all things new in His time.

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