The Almost Empty Nester: A New Vision

Friday, February 24, 2017

A New Vision

All three of my kids have gone to the same school since pre-school. The Girl Child graduated from there. Thing 1 and Thing 2 have also been there since pre-school, but just this past semester decided to leave and try something new.

I wasn't able to talk about it with many people because we wanted to handle the situation just right. There were lots of factors and feelings and relationships at stake. So we kept it quiet while we prayed and made the decision. They are now doing an online charter school. It's different from homeschooling in that I am not teaching them a darn thing. Which is good. I'd definitely be a liability instead of an asset.

On the whole, it's a new vision.

A new way of doing our day. A new way of doing our whole life, really. And it all has happened quite close to the time The Girl Child left for college. To say I've been a crazy mix of emotions is an understatement.

So far, it's going well. Awesome, really. They have a laptop they work from and they meet with their teacher every two weeks. They have a separate teacher for each class and talk with them via email, phone, or virtually.

It's a whole new world. A whole new season.

A world I am really beginning to enjoy. Instead of getting up at six in the morning, I can start my day around eight. Instead of carpool and tons of driving, I only have to go somewhere when we have an appointment or errands to run. I have the boys at home with me and we all work at the kitchen table together in the mornings then go and workout or do our day. I love it.

The freedom in our schedules is my favorite part. I'm going to visit The Girl Child soon and Thing 2 is going to go with me. We don't have to worry about missing school, he's doing all his work before we go. As stressful as it was during the time we were making this decision, I can see now God's hand in it all. I can see that although change is difficult, it can be very very good once I accept and go with the flow of what's new.

What are you having to view differently as a parent right now? 

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